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July 2023

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Predict the future of work – without a fortune teller

Here’s a prediction:

Between 2021 and 2031, Home, Health, and Personal Care Aides are expected to see faster job growth than any other occupation in that same time frame, at 25%. In fact, there will be an average of 711,700 new jobs each year in this sector. For Home, Health, and Personal Aides, without accounting for the cost of living, the top three metro areas to work in would appear to be Carson City, NV, the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA area, and Grants Pass, OR, with Carson City paying an average of $54,400 per year.

However, if we adjust for cost of living, we see that, while Carson City remains the highest paying area at an adjusted average annual wage of $48,889, the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA area drops in the rankings from 2nd to 49th place, and instead find that Dubuque, IA, previously ranking 43rd prior to adjustment, is the 2nd best place to work as a Home, Health, or Personal Care Aide. Grants Pass, OR, too, drops from 3rd to 12th and is replaced by the Utica-Rome, NY area.

How can we possibly predict this in such a granular way? There’s no need for a fortune teller – all of this information comes from the recently updated LMI Institute’s COLI Adjusted Occupational Wage Comparison Tool! In fact, since 2018, the Institute has published the Cost of Living (COLI) Adjusted Occupational Wage Comparison Tool which provides wage estimates for various occupations across geographies all adjusted for local cost of living conditions based on C2ER’s unique measure.

Are you looking for the same data in your region? Skip a trip to the fortune teller and explore the tool here!

If you are already an LMI Institute Member, you can download the full dataset in the Member Area. Non-members can learn more online or contact Jennie Allison or Marty Romitti

Interested in seeing the adjustment for your metro area or occupation? Contact the LMI Institute or become a member today!

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Insider View – Be in the Know

Carol Rogers – New LMI Institute Board Chair

We are proud to announce Carol Rogers as the LMI Institute Board Chair for July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024. Carol is the Director of the Indiana Business Research Center at Indiana University and home to Stats America. She also serves as Vice Chair for sister organization, C2ER (the Council for Community and Economic Research).

Learn more about Carol’s work with LMI data in her 2021 installment of Voices of LMI

We thank Tim Kestner, Director of Economic Information and Analytics Division at the Virginia Employment Commission, for his service the last two years as Vice Chair and Chair of the LMI Insitute!

Check out the full board here. The board is here to serve you – please reach out!

Featured Reports and Tools

The Re-employment of Oregon

Two years after the pandemic recession, Oregon’s labor market had seen a remarkable turnaround. A rapid jobs recovery brought unemployment near record lows again, and the number of job openings reached and remained near record highs. Seven out of 10 pandemic recession unemployment benefit claimants in Oregon were back on the job by winter 2022, and they had experienced a rise in median wages. 

Montana Career Lab

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