The LMI Institute awards program recognizes the state LMI research activities that serve as examples to other state offices.


State LMI shops are eligible to receive the award. Eligible projects are those in which the nominated state research office plays a coordinating role or in which research activities play an integral role in the project or activity. Ongoing programs or projects started within the last 24 months are eligible.

Project Categories:

One award will be offered for each of the following categories:

  • Best State LMI Product or Collaboration for Regional Resilience
  • Best State LMI Product or Collaboration Supporting Workforce System or Jobseekers
  • Best State LMI Focus on Equity and Inclusion

Award Application: 

Applicants should submit a summary – no more than 300 words – that describes the project’s goals and objectives and highlights its innovation nature; alternative formats such as videos, websites, and interactive dashboards are encouraged to accompany the narrative.

Award Review Criteria:

Judges will review the nominated research or analysis for: 

  1. Contribution to workforce labor market information research 
  2. Innovative approach or implementation 
  3. Unique approach to using researchers as part a larger program implementation team 
  4. Response to customer or community needs 
  5. Economic or other benefits that have resulted from implementing the project 
  6. Quality of product or process 
  7. Replicability for other LMI Institute members 

Application Process: 

Applicants should submit their nomination via this form by Thursday, January 12, 2023.

Awards Presentation: 

The LMI Institute will present the awards throughout the LMI Institute Annual Forum held June 13 – 15, 2023 in Detroit, MI. Award winners should prepare to make a brief webinar presentation about their winning project to the membership at the conference.