COVID-19 Resources

The following data sources were produced to help respond to COVID-19 research efforts:

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Education and Workforce Data Sources

This PDF table of 32 workforce and education data sources provides information on topics such as sponsoring organization, method, frequency, geography, and the nature of personal or job characteristics.

Below you will find more detailed information about 13 of the most useful education and employment data sources. Each overview discusses the sponsoring organization, purpose and uses, data elements relevant to post-secondary education and workforce development, history and status, methodology, data products and tools, and annual cost. Click on the data source to view a brief summary of the program.

Educational Characteristics
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)
National Student Clearinghouse Research Center
Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS)
Household Characteristics
American Community Survey
Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS)
National Household Education Surveys Program (NHES)
Job and Occupational Characteristics
Current Employment Statistics
National Employment Projections
Occupational Employment Statistics
Occupational Information Network (O*NET)
Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages
Real-Time Labor Market Information
State Employment Projections
Workforce Data Quality Initiative

These materials were prepared in collaboration with the George Washington Institute of Public Policy (GWIPP), George Washington University, in fulfillment of a contract with the Lumina Foundation.