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December 2023

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2023 LMI Accomplishments

Your LMII management team spent 2023 working hard to ensure its members received the support they needed to accomplish their goals. Here are just a few examples of our accomplishments.

  • Continued to implement the 3-year strategic plan focused on promoting Institute effectiveness, advocating for the increased use & funding of WLMI, and expanding trainings & capabilities to solve user problems
  • Facilitated the annual 2023 LMI Institute Forum – Creative Solutions for Transformational Change in Detroit, MI
  • Continued the “Voices of LMI” initiative to promote the great work being done with workforce data around the country using recorded video footage to produce brief (3-5-minute), edited video stories of LMI
  • Provided management support for the Projections Managing Partnership.

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Future of Work

As you might know, LMI is focused on using data to predict the future of work. Here’s how we made our prediction, and what we learned.  

After producing automation scores, we engaged our networks to develop next generation skills-based labor market information. We convened nine experts to help better identify the various ways that technology change differentially affects regions and industries, the nature of occupational transformation due to automation, and, for manufacturing specifically, the increase in technology-related roles despite an overall decline in manufacturing jobs over the last 20 years. Based on these observations, initial recommendations for public LMI data systems and projection analysts include:

  • Increase integration of real time data, not just on skills, but also industry and technology change that informs skill requirements, as well as on the function of job chains that shape supply of skill
  • Demonstrate more practical modeling for planning purposes, such as consideration of multiple scenarios, to help regional decision makers consider various skill futures
  • Reflect on past predictions and real results, demonstrating a learning mindset that competitive regions must adopt to respond effectively to technology change

Four papers commissioned for the Projections Managements Partnership (PMP) in 2023 informed these recommendations. Summaries and the papers are available below. We also thank Manav Raj and Robert Seamans for their work and paper, How will Language Modelers like ChatGPT Affect Occupations and Industries? as well as Yustina Saleh, Anuraag Singh, Michael J. Handel, Allison Forbes, Tucker Plumlee, and Jacob Stenstrom for participating in the discussion and refining the recommendations.

Spotlight on The Digitalization of the U.S. Labor Market: Lessons from Technology Adoption and Advanced Manufacturing Initiatives in Indiana by Leighton Johnson:

Featured Reports and Tools

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Kansas Department of Labor Labor Market Information Services: Holiday Facts Report

Each month, LMIS releases a report covering a special topic of importance for that month. Check out this Holiday Facts Report to commemorate the holiday season! 

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