New Updates to LMI Institute State Certifications and Licenses Data


The Labor Market Information (LMI) Institute is proud to announce updated data to the State Certifications and Licenses Data Tables – a unique data set available to LMI Institute members providing key statistics on the attainment of occupation-specific credentials at the state level. This is the second year the LMI Institute has produced state-level estimates with detail by education, race, sex, and age with support from Lumina Foundation.

Updated annually based on questions included in the Current Population Survey (CPS), the full set of 2019 data tables are available exclusively to LMI Institute members, with state members granted permission to publish their state-specific certification and license attainment data online.

 The LMI Institute, working with the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC), first published the data in 2019 to address a gap in credential attainment details at the state level. “Our goal is to improve the availability of data at the state level for policymakers and analysts. We are glad to partner with Lumina Foundation in its efforts to increase information on the value of post-secondary education attainment,” said Marty Romitti, LMI Institute Managing Director. This recently developed data is a critical missing piece for state policymakers and those who work to advance post-secondary credential attainment. It offers policymakers, as well as organizations working on the front lines with jobseekers and students, including LMI shops, an opportunity to better understand the role of certifications and licenses in developing the skills and knowledge that power the U.S. economy.

Lumina Foundation is a national, independent, private foundation committed to making opportunities for learning beyond high school available to all. Lumina envisions a system that is easy to navigate, delivers fair results, and meets the nation’s need for talent through a broad range of credentials. Courtney Brown, Lumina’s Vice President of Strategic Impact, says the availability of the data on certifications, in particular, will help advance that important mission. “We expect this information will help us further identify and demonstrate the value of high-quality, short-term credentials – to individuals and to the nation as a whole. They are an important tool, not just to support a quick recovery after the pandemic, but for the long-term health of the economy, and we’re eager to do more to assess their impact.”

The State Certifications and Licenses Data Tables provide information on the prevalence of certifications and licenses issued by non-governmental and governmental entities as well as related employment and earnings outcomes for individuals with a certification or license. Besides broadly disseminating key findings regarding the prevalence and value of certifications and licenses, this effort continually works to improve the data available to states through the LMI Institute.

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