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November 2021

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Deadline Extended – Share Your Research!

The 2022 LMI Institute Forum planned to be in Columbus, Ohio is nine months away and the call for proposals and sessions is open! We want to hear from you about your most recent projects or studies.

This year’s theme is The Road Ahead: Using Data to Pave the Way – we are interested in learning about the future of local communities, workforce research, and the larger direction of the field in general. What does a prosperous future for everyone look like? How do we use data to promote inclusive economic growth and support a diverse workforce? How does this create opportunities for local businesses, economies, and residents?

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Proposals due 5:00 PM ET on Thursday, November 4, 2021

Product Updates

Voices of LMI: David Lipnicky, ETA Federal Workforce Information (LMI) Project Officer, Dallas Regional Office


The LMI Institute continues with its Voices of LMI initiative to showcase and promote the great work being done with workforce data around the country. Institute staff are currently conducting interviews with various LMI leaders and researchers to produce brief video stories of what different members and partner organizations do and how the work is being used to make a difference. This installment is an interview with David Lipnicky, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) Federal Workforce Information (LMI) Project Officer at the Dallas Regional Office.

CareerOneStop does far more than just providing state labor market information at a state, local, and national level….It is a pretty robust amalgamation of web tools and systems for overall career exploration. [It offers] specialty tools for youth, people in career transition, intermediaries at the state and local levels, business tools, and tools for targeted populations.” – David Lipnicky

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2022 Annual Forum:

The Road Ahead: Using Data to Pave the Way

June 13 – 16, 2022

Columbus, OH + Virtual

Insider View – Be in the Know

2021 PMP Summit Recap and Presentations

The PMP Summit was a free event targeted to support the work of state projections analysts. All states and territories producing projections are automatically PMP members. We had an exciting week hearing from federal partners, technical leads from various states, and special keynotes on the Future of Work and a PMP project creating an Automation Exposure Index for occupations.

All keynote presentations are available to view on the LMI Institute website. Take a look – the LMI Institute is proud to partner with the PMP.

Future of Work Spotlight

PBS’ Future of Work series in collaboration with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research hosted Shaping the Future of Work: A Conversations about Women and the Workplace Post-COVID. As the pandemic continues, one in four women consider moving to less demanding work roles or leaving the workforce entirely. How can companies and the American culture use this as an opportunity to keep diverse perspectives in the workplace and ensure future female leaders? View the October 13, 2021, recording and the perspectives of national policy experts.

Featured Reports From LMI Members

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Job Openings and Labor Turnover Trends for States in 2020

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) program publishes estimates on job openings, hires, and separations. JOLTS estimates can provide greater insights into labor market dynamics, such as labor demand and labor turnover, than other employment measures. This Beyond the Numbers article provides updated JOLTS state estimates through 2020 for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It explores trends in several measures—job openings, hires, separations (including quits, layoffs, and discharges), labor churn, fill rates, and unemployed persons per job opening—that can give us a deeper understanding of business cycles and labor demand across the United States and help businesses and workers make better informed decisions. This article also shows data users how they can use these estimates to evaluate labor demand and labor turnover at regional and state levels. See more here.

New Mexico’s Employment Projections Dashboard

New Mexico’s Department of Workforce Solutions created an Employment Projections dashboard that visualizes the state’s industry and occupational employment projections. Take a look here.

Does your state have a projections dashboard?

Share it with us! We’d love to see it and feature it in the monthly LMI Insider.


Check-out LMI related resources to support your work on the LMI Institute Resources page. Here you will find easy access to critical and essential occupations and industry lists created by the LMI Institute, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CDC, among other resources.

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