New State Business Incentives Glossary


Users of the C2ER State Business Incentives Database have a new resource for understanding some of the tricky terminology used to describe state business incentives. The Database now features a full Glossary with information on every term utilized in the Database.

The Glossary provides information on the most commonly used terms used to describe state business incentives. Researchers can turn to this resource to find more information about different types of incentives, the various business needs fulfilled by incentives, and the statutory and fiscal background of programs. The Glossary also gives more insight into how C2ER researchers decide which incentive programs to include in the Database.

In other Database news, users can now access further information about Database features and data collection methodology with the expanded About the Database page. This recently updated page features a downloadable Database factsheet and a link to a sample program. Users looking to upgrade their membership access level can view more information regarding the various Database features available at different access levels with the Getting Access page. Finally, C2ER put together a virtual Video Tour of the database. This video provides demonstrations of the various features and analysis tools available on the website.

For any questions regarding new C2ER State Business Incentives Database tools and features, or suggestions for further improvements to the Database, please contact C2ER.