New State Business Incentives Analysis Tools


C2ER is pleased to announce two new analysis tools for the State Business Incentives Database. Researchers using the new State by State and Totals by State analysis tools will now find it much easier to make “apples-to-apples” comparisons between incentives projects.

The State by State analysis tool allows users to select any two states or territories and compare their incentive programs based on any combination of program category, program type, business needs addressed, industry, and geographic focus. Users can also search by keyword for program names, program provider, and program descriptions. Selecting a link from the search results will direct the user to the Database page for the incentive(s).

The Totals by State analysis tool allows for graphical analysis from any number of states and territories. Users select their comparison states and program characteristics, such as program categories, types, business needs addressed, industry, geographic focus, and keyword. The data tab provides the total number of programs by category. Users can select the results to see a detailed list of the incentives. The chart tab provides a bar graph comparison of the total number of incentive programs by selected categories. Users can also select each bar to see a detailed list of the specific incentives.

For example, a researcher could use these tools to find how New York’s workforce preparation and development program offerings compare to other states in the Northeast region. A state-to-state comparison of New York and Vermont’s workforce development incentives using the State by State analysis tool shows that New York has five programs offering grant, loan, and tax credit incentives for workforce development. The four workforce development programs currently administered by Vermont offer tax reduction, grant, and loan incentives. The Totals by State analysis tool shows 49 total workforce development programs in the region.

To explore these analysis tools further, C2ER invites you to visit the State Business Incentives Database and look for them under Analysis.