WIC Skills Initiative Summary Report Release


The Labor Market Information (LMI) Institute is excited to release the Workforce Information Council’s (WIC) Skills Initiative Summary Report. This report is the culminating piece of the WIC Skills Initiative, a study group created to engage federal representatives, state labor market information (LMI) directors, and other stakeholders from public policy and higher education in a dialogue around skills. The Initiative’s ultimate goal is to provide a baseline understanding of how various stakeholders perceive the concept of “skills,” and to identify and disseminate best practices in the provision of skills data. A more comprehensive understanding of skills data is especially important given recent legislation in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which calls for data-driven decision-making around the development of skills and workplace readiness.

The WIC Skills Initiative Summary Report entails feedback from both a survey of state LMI directors and the National Skills Convening on June 22, 2015, which brought together an array of professionals from the LMI community. The report also highlights next steps for creating a more accurate set of skills data, which will ideally lead to more effective occupational supply and demand analyses. We hope you find this information useful!