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March 2022

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State LMI Awards Program – Apply Now!

The Annual State LMI Awards nomination is now live. The Institute awards program recognizes state LMI agency activities that serve as exemplary examples of the importance and effectiveness LMI data and staff expertise play in critical policy areas. This year the awards categories include:

  • Best Product or Collaboration for Regional Resilience
  • Best Product or Collaboration Supporting Workforce System or Jobseekers
  • Best State LMI Focus on Equity and Inclusion

Non-state LMI affiliate members are eligible to participate in the current C2ER research awards.

The LMI Institute also bestows the Benefield Award annually recognizing LMI professionals demonstrating outstanding leadership in advancing the art and science of labor market information. Nominations are welcome from anyone working in the field. Please submit nominations to Institute Staff or board members.

Product Updates

Voices of LMI: Kellie Taylor-White


“LWC [Louisiana Workforce Commission] as an overarching agency has a mission to put our citizens to work to prepare those who have never had training for the job market, to retrain those who are seeking new or different employment, and to continue to train those in jobs but wishing to upskill…” 

The LMI Institute continues in 2022 with its Voices of LMI initiative to showcase and promote the great work being done with workforce data around the country. Institute staff are currently conducting interviews with various LMI leaders and researchers to produce brief video stories of what different members and partner organizations do and how the work is being used to make a difference. This installment is an interview with Kellie Taylor-White, Assistant Secretary of Louisiana Office of Information Services.

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Upcoming Events, Trainings, and Webinars

Introduction to Labor Market Information eLearning

Available on demand – level-up new analysts ready to be introduced to the world of LMI

Anytime anyplace

Monthly Series Webinar

The C.U.R.E. to Inclusion, Starts with U

March 24, 2022

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET

LMI Institute Webinar

Microsoft Power BI®: Creating an Interactive Text and Data Visualization Tool for a 21st Century Workforce

April 13, 2022

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET

2022 Annual Forum:

The Road Ahead: Using Data to Pave the Way

June 13 – 16, 2022

Columbus, OH + Virtual

Insider View – Be in the Know

Multi-state Data Collaboratives: From Projects to Products to Practice

There is an urgent need for timely, locally relevant, data and evidence that can be used to respond to the changes in the pandemic economy, particularly for low-income learners and workers, at-risk youth, underrepresented minorities, immigrants, and formerly incarcerated individuals. New information can inform policies about investments in education and training, student debt, as well as welfare and corrections programs.

Federal, philanthropic, and state partnerships have led to new projects, products, and practice for evidence building. The results are being used by many state Departments of Labor, Education and Human Services.

Join leaders from across the country for the Multi-state Data Collaboratives: From Projects to Products to Practice. This year’s convening is a response to the success of the First Annual National Convening in March 2021, the overwhelmingly positive response to the Democratizing our Data Challenge, and the rapid expansion of multi-state data collaboratives. At the National Convening, attendees will both learn about current and proposed projects and products and help set priorities for the future. See more here.

Free Tableau License for Each State

Supported in part by the LMI Institute, the Projections Managing Partnership (PMP) is continuing to offer one free Tableau license to each state for projections analysts. The PMP hosts a monthly Tableau community of practice to share how to make the most of the tool and Projections Suite. Contact LMI Institute staff if you’d like to request a license for one of your state projections analysts.

Anything you would like to share or add, please contact Jennie Allison by January 20th COB.

Featured Reports From LMI Members

South Dakota’s Virtual Labor Market Data System

South Dakota’s Department of Labor and Regulation has a virtual Labor Market Data System with step-by-step instructions to help users find the data there are looking for. Pretty neat to us – give it a looksee.

A Paycheck Is a Pathway Out of Prison: New Findings From North Carolina

Check out one of NC Commerce’s latest reports, A Paycheck Is A Pathway Out of Prison. This will also be part of a breakout panel at the LMI Institute Forum in June:

The United States incarcerates a larger share of its population than any other nation on Earth, and recidivism is common: most individuals released from state prisons are re-arrested within two years. A growing body of evidence demonstrates that one of the surest antidotes to recidivism is a good job. This study uses data from North Carolina’s Common Follow-up System to show that individuals who find employment after exiting prison—especially high-paying employment—return to prison at a much lower rate than their non-employed counterparts. See more here.

Does your state have a projections dashboard?

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Check-out LMI related resources to support your work on the LMI Institute Resources page. Here you will find easy access to critical and essential occupations and industry lists created by the LMI Institute, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CDC, among other resources.

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