Take Part in the Data Revolution at the APDU Annual Conference


The Association of Public Data Users (APDU) Annual Conference will take place on September 16-17 in Arlington, VA. Almost 200 thought leaders from educational institutions; the business community; and federal, state and local governments will be attending this annual event. Many of the panel discussions, breakout sessions, and “lightning” talks will address topics of major importance to the C2ER audience.

Here is a sampling of sessions that are of particular interest to community and economic researchers:

  • Visualization and Communicating Data to the Public – With the rise of data journalism’s use of visualization techniques, more policymakers and media outlets are devoting space to data-driven analysis. However, that analysis must also be easy to digest for time-constrained executives. This session will give you information and tools to communicate research both visually and through key messages.
  • Solving State and Local Problems with Data – There’s more attention to data at every level, and policymakers are finding that available administrative records can help guide decision making. Learn how some are using this type of data to discover insights and better inform policy decisions.
  • Simplifying Data Overload Using Indicators – A wide variety of organizations are working to make data more accessible to lay users. The key is not to create more, but instead to transform data so that it means something to people. Making data “human readable” often means synthesizing variables into measures that have context. Presenters will focus on how indicators can translate data into information and dashboards that can make data expressive.

Click here for more information about the conference, including the  agenda and how to register.