LMI Institute Expands Membership Opportunities


In 2013, the LMI Institute LMI Institute Logoboard of directors announced a name change, removing “Training” from its name, to better reflect the range of training, research, program management, and partnership facilitation services it offers the national labor market information (LMI) infrastructure.  The Institute also adopted new mission and vision statements, which emphasize its support for the entire LMI Infrastructure, inclusive of all LMI producers and users.

Delivering upon its mission, the LMI Institute launched a new membership model on July 1, 2014. Formerly, only state LMI agencies were eligible for membership. Now, new “Affiliate Membership” categories enable non-state LMI stakeholders to join the LMI Institute.

The LMI Institute is eager to diversify its member base, an action that is sure to strengthen its efforts to foster use of LMI in decision-making across workforce development, economic development, education, and other relevant policy areas.

For more information on LMI Institute memberships, please click here.