Pre-Conference Forum
What Works in Workforce? Evaluating the Impact of Workforce Development Programs

2:00 pm EDT

Do workforce development programs make workers better off? Which programs are most effective, and for whom? Answering these types of questions requires you to think like a program evaluator. This workshop will use plain-English explanations and real-world examples to help you understand the basic concepts of impact evaluation and the methods researchers use to gauge the effectiveness of workforce programs.

Whether you’re an experienced program evaluator or just learning about the topic, this workshop has something for you. Have you been tasked with evaluating a program, but don’t know where to start? Have you hit a roadblock in your program evaluation efforts? Join the discussion to share your success stories, lessons learned, and any questions you have about measuring programmatic effectiveness. This workshop will be structured to be as interactive as possible, with a focus on helping you achieve your goals.

Angela Berland, Labor Market Information Director at Kansas Department of Labor

Andrew Berger-Gross, Senior Economist, North Carolina Department of Commerce, Labor & Economic Analysis Division (LEAD)