Monthly Series
State LMI Agency Funding: Why It’s Important and How You Can Make an Impact

2:00 pm EDT

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has endured many years of stagnant funding and that has impacted one of the most significant funding streams for state labor market information. BLS provides grants to state LMI agencies to support data clean-up of unemployment insurance records and several surveys. States have suffered an effective 50% cut in BLS funding, when accounting for inflation, at a time when consumers are demanding more high frequency data at an ever more granular level.

Join former BLS Commissioner and Friends of BLS Chair Erica Groshen and LMI Institute Managing Director Marty Romitti to learn about the current BLS and LMI state funding situation, a broader look at BLS prospects for 2021, and how you can help make a difference in improving the resources available to our employment data infrastructure.

Erica Groshen, Senior Labor Economics Advisor, Cornell University ILR School
Lesley Hirsch, Assistant Commissioner, Research & Information, New Jersey Department of Labor & Workforce Development
Marty Romitti, Senior Vice President, Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness