Labor Market Information

State labor market information (LMI) officials face increasing pressure to produce sub-state employment projections, develop career pathways, and identify in-demand occupations and traded clusters that will help state and regional economies recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. LMI analysts need to understand how automation exposure will impact the availability of employment opportunities in high-earning jobs.

Understanding how industry-demand for skills will evolve and impact employment projections requires actionable information on the state of automation and digitization in industry as well as on the state of the workforce and its resilience to change. By utilizing relative scores of automation exposure in occupations, LMI analysts can incorporate previously unconsidered constraints and opportunities on occupational growth into employment projections.

Long-term regional recovery and growth requires data on career pathways that engage workers into automation-resilient and high-earning opportunities. The accelerating adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies by employers necessitates the demand for career pathways that help education and workforce development officials transition low-skill workers into automation-resilient opportunities. LMI officials require data on automation-resilient and complementary skills to inform the creation of re-skilling and upskilling programs that develop the workforce of the future.

Analysts can integrate tools that estimate occupational exposure to automation into the methods that identify in-demand jobs and target state and regional clusters. Data on automation exposure can help officials recognize in-demand occupations that engage workers into career pathways that provide workers with the necessarily skills to operate and complement Industry 4.0 technologies. Officials can leverage data on automation-resilient career pathways to develop key target industry-clusters with the potential to engage workers into high-earning, meaningful, and resilient employment opportunities.

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