The Summary report of the 2015 LMI Director's Town Hall Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana is now available online.

The 2015 LMI Director's Town Hall Meeting took place in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 19, 2015. The Town Hall meeting offered a day-long training by subject matter experts from federal and state agencies. A major goal of the session was for capacity building and networking among the state Labor Market Information (LMI) Directors. Morning sessions centered on the impact of the 2014 Workforce Opportunity and Investment Act on the LMI infrastructure, WIC's transition to the new WIAC, and the new BLS Oversight Council, LMI strategies for WIOA implementation, and WIOA concerns/possible solutions. Afternoon sessions focused on real-time LMI and a leadership discussion (including sectinos on federal legislation, budgeting strategies, and LMI analyst cpacity building/training)/

To view the 2015 LMI Director's Summary, click here.

The WIC contracted with the LMI Institute to coordinate the agenda and provide a summary of the LMI Town Hall meeting. 

The Workforce Information Council (WIC) is a nationwide federal-state cooperative, formed under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, charged with helping guide the development and improvement of the nationwide workforce and labor market information system.


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