The board of directors of the LMI Training Institute presented the Charles Benefield Award to Alexandra Hall, Director of Labor Market Information, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment on June 7, 2012. The Benefield Award recognizes her professional commitment to advancing the art and science of labor market information. The board specifically recognized her leadership in the Projections Managing Partnership and its development and maintenance of the infrastructure used to produce high quality industry and occupational employment projections throughout the nation. Her dedication to the investment in others through staff training is also recognized. About the Benefield Award: The Charles Benefield Award is given periodically during the Labor Market Information Training Institute Annual Forum. Benefield valued quality labor market information and was a tireless advocate for advancing the field. His career at the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) began when that agency had oversight of the statistical programs. When they moved to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the 1970's he continued to be a voice for their value and importance within ETA. His efforts were instrumental in obtaining financial support for the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) and projections programs. In addition, his efforts to continuously improve the field played a large role in the establishment of the Labor Market Information Training Institute, with initial funding provided by ETA. In recognition of his vision and to continue his efforts in championing the advancement of the field, the Labor Market Information Training Institute created the award after his death. The Benefield Award is designed to provide recognition to professionals advancing the art and science of labor market information through their leadership.

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