Day 1
Intro to Industry Proj
Industry Projections(NE).pptx
Intro to Occupational
Intro Occupational Projections(UT).pptx
Local Review
Proj Suite Demos
Installation Presentation(UT).pptx
Self Employed (UT).pptx
Day 2
Natl Perspectives BLS and ETA
National Perspectives Rust.pptx
Why Separations Matter BLS.pptx
Separations Update
Gail Krumenauer SeparationsUpdate(OR).pptx
Nathan Harbert SeparationsUpdate(CA).pptx
Sarah Casias SeparationsUpdate(CO).pptx
Day 3
Providing Localized Data
Localized Data Career Grades(MO).pptx
Pub small areas Oct2018 (FL).pptx
Tableau (AR)

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