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The LMI Institute Staff

Kenneth E. PooleKenneth E. Poole

Executive Director
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1016

Email: kpoole@crec.net
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Sean McNamaraSean McNamara

Administrative Director
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1010

Email: sam@crec.net
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Martin RomittiMartin Romitti

Senior Research Fellow
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1026

Email: mromitti@crec.net
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Erol YildirimErol Yildirim

Senior Vice President, New Products
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1014

Email: ey@crec.net
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Cathy KatonaCathy Katona

Director, Economic Development Research and Technical Assistance Services
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1043

Email: ckatona@crec.net
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John MarottaJohn Marotta

Program Manager
Phone: 703.522.4980 x 1030

Email: jmarotta@crec.net
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Jennie AllisonJennie Allison

Program Manager
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1021

Email: jallison@crec.net
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Lindsay JohnsonLindsay Johnson

Program Manager
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1028

Email: ljohnson@crec.net
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Randall ArthurRandall Arthur

Research Manager
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1013

Email: rarthur@crec.net
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Ermias GyesusErmias Gyesus

Finance Manager
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1040

Email: egyesus@crec.net
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William CookWilliam Cook

Research Analyst/Web Developer
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1019

Email: wcook@crec.net
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Spencer AbramsSpencer Abrams

Operations & Event Coordinator
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1027

Email: sabrams@crec.net
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Brendan BuffBrendan Buff

Program Associate
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1020

Email: bbuff@crec.net
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Greg HirschfeldGreg Hirschfeld

Program Analyst
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1038

Email: ghirschfeld@crec.net
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Joe JaroscakJoe Jaroscak

Research Analyst
Phone: 703-522-4980 x 1042

Email: jjaroscak@crec.net
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Jaleel ReedJaleel Reed

Research Analyst
Phone: 703-522-4980 x2002

Email: jreed@crec.net
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Charlie BraunlichCharlie Braunlich

Research Assistant
Phone: 703.522.4980 ext. 1029

Email: cbraunlich@crec.net
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Amanda HolmesAmanda Holmes

Marketing Assistant
Phone: 703-522-4980 x1039

Email: aholmes@crec.net
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Ron CoanRon Coan

Senior Fellow
Editor, The Journal of Applied Research in Economic Development


Email: edcurmudgeon@gmail.com
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